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Fall Foliage on the High Bridge Trail


Yes, with the passage of Labor Day Weekend, Summer is pretty much done. But don’t despair!  Fall is around the corner, and the cooler temperatures and changing seasons bring some pretty amazing rides.

I read about the High Bridge Trail on Rails to Trails Conservancy’s Trail Link site, and thought it looked like it would be a good candidate for a weekend jaunt.  Not long afterwards three ladies jammed three bikes into one car for about three hours, and realized this trail really does offer an unbeatable way to enjoy the gorgeous colors of Fall in Virginia.

A highly recommended ride!


Cycle Touring: Five steps to planning your route


People often ask me how I figure out where to go when I go on a cycling tour.

Most the bikecations I’ve done have been unsupported, largely because I’ve yet to find a supported tour that fits my schedule and budget.  Luckily, I love crafting trip itineraries, and will often dweeb out quite a bit while figuring out all the possible combinations of sights and activities to jam into my limited vacation time frame.

So here is the process I go through to figure out where to go, and how to bike there.

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Sonoran Sunshine in the Springtime


My mother lives in Phoenix, AZ, which is a amazing place to have in my back pocket when the majority of the country is draped in Winter. I’ve biked around her neighborhood quite a bit when visiting her, but she and I had never gone on a ride together until my trip to visit her for her birthday this past March.

We took a Sonoran Desert neighborhood tour, courtesy of Arizona Outback Adventures.  The tour was was an easy enough that my mom (who is somewhat new at cycling) and I were both able to complete it with no issues.  We lucked out and were the only two people on our tour.  Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable, and taught us a lot about the history of Scottsdale and the ecosystems of the Sonoran desert.  The desert really has a beauty that is all its own, and shouldn’t be missed, and makes for a truly delightful morning.

Grand Canyon State, check!