Cyclist on the minuteman trail

One if By Land…



The 2015 season found me entrenched in a major project at work, which almost completely killed my trail time.  By the time May rolled around, I had yet to even sign up for any full fledged rides, much less get started with any sort of consistent training schedule.

But I’m the sort who’ll take my lumps where I can get ’em, and when I flew up to Boston for a wedding that month, I decided to squeeze a cycling jaunt into my schedule and tick Massachusetts off of my bucket list.

I started looking around for some options that I could squeeze in the morning before the wedding, and found  a tour retracing Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride . They unfortunately didn’t have tours that meshed with my travel schedule, but the idea gave me enough information to pull together a quick route from our hotel across the river from Cambridge and into Lexington via the Minuteman trail.

Add an equally game friend and wedding attendee and a couple free bikes from the hotel and the rest, as they say, was history.  Bay State, check!


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